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ÒNÀ ÌYÁ ILÉ: ESOTERIC YORUBA GENESIS out of the Universal Neutral Energy of OLÓDÙMARÈ - From Baba Odùdúwà's Teachings

19 octubre 2010, a la(s) 14:05

Òrúnmìlà Èlà mo yin Àború, Òrúnmìlà Èlà mo yin Àboyè, Òrúnmìlà Èlà mo yin Àboşíşe¡Ogbó, ató, àsúre, Ìwòrìwòfún. OLÓFIN á gbà é, BABA ODÙDÚWÀ á gbà é, ÒRÚNMÌLÀ ÈLÀ á gbà é! – May You Have Long Life, with the Spiritual Blessing of Ifá Odù Ìwòrì Wòf ...ún (Who Opens the Divine Portal of the Grace of OLÓDÙMARÈ), May the Blessing of OLÓFIN (Concious Manifestation of GOD), Baba ODÙDÚWÀ, and ÒRÚNMÌLÀ ÈLÀ be upon you! Aláàfia se a ni – May the Peace be with You!


Sharing the Spiritual Teachings of Baba ODÙDÚWÀ

Note: First, Please excuse any mistakes in the English version of this text that I translated, it's a second language to me.


Here is a link to a large English Image of the Tree of Creation of the Yoruba Genesis Copy and paste:

New image

Here is a link to a large English Image of the Tree of Creation of the Yoruba Genesis Copy and paste:

Explanations of the Tree of Creation of the Yoruba Genesis from OLÓDÙMARÈ This Sacred Esoteric Yoruba Teaching was given by Baba ODÙDÚWÀ through his Elegun (Medium) on January 2010.
An Egun Tata “G” (spirit guide) that is an Emissary of  BABA ODÙDÚWÀ also gave some teaching on this.
This is a work in progress, in relation to the description of the image, Baba Odùdúwà an his emissaries haven't finish the whole description. Since there are a lot of people asking about it, I will give some of the description based on what Baba Odùdúwà and Egun Tata G:. has given us so far.
The Yoruba term that they gave us for this is:

That means the Path of the Mother Home, signifying the path that the creation took out of the Universal Neutral Energy – which we know with the code name OLÓDÙMARÈ.
Egun Tata G. gave this explanation


OLÓDÙMARÈ – is the Universal Neutral Energy, is an unconscious manifestation of what we can refer to as GOD, this is the MATRIX of CREATION, from this Universal Energy Three Great Beings emanated, those were OLÓFIN, OLÓFIN ÒRUN and OLÓKUN, this are the Great IRÚNMÒLE NLÁ of Creation.

In the beginning only existed a kind of subtle "Ether", like a "Gas", a Neutral type of Energy that was owner of the Divine Universal Principles, from that Energy, the first Power that emanated out of this Neutral Energy was OLÓFIN. OLÓFIN is the First Conscious -Thoughtful Energy, in this process of emanation and manifestation of OLÓFIN, from the unconscious aspect of the Universal Divine Energy that we know as OLÓDÙMARÈ to the Conscious aspect that we know as OLÓFIN, with him he drag energy that also became a conscious divine being. When OLÓFIN emanated and detached (so to speak) another Great Divine Beings was generated out of this energy, this other Great Being  is the Great OLÓKUN. This is the reason that Olókun is also so important, an the reason why Olókun is not an IRÚNMÒLE ÒRUN, not an ÒRÌShÀ neither an ÉGÚN (spirit). Olókun is like another GOD, closely to the level of OLÓFIN.

Note: In many traditions of the world used the concept of Divine Trinity, Three Powers: Positive, Negative and Neutral, also Creative Power, Destructive Power, and Sustaining Power.


Other Great Beings manifested out of OLODUMARE, these are called the IRÚNMÒLE NLÁ (the Gods), the first one and most important is OLÓFIN, then OLÓKUN and OLÓRUN.

Note: Some say that OLÓFIN means the Owner of the Law, or the Owner of the Castle.

OLÓRUN means the Owner of ÒRUN, or Heaven. OLÓRUN is the OBA ÌRÀWÒ – King or Ruler of the Stars on the Universe, he rules all the bodies of LIGHT (Suns, Stars). OLÓRUN, that is the one who oversees and watch the Universe, he looks at the Stars. OLÓFIN is WISE and NEUTRAL and CEATIVE in his Energy. OLÓFIN means the owner of Secrets, or Principles.
Note: Some say that OLÓFIN means the Owner of the Law, or the Owner of the Castle
OLÓKUN means the Owner of OKUN, OKUN means the Deepnes, alse refers to the Oceans, but also in aprofound way refers to the  Deepness of Heaven or the Cosmos. OLÓKUN rules the Black or Dark Matter and Black or Dark Energy in the Universe.
OLÓRUN means the Owner of  ÒRUN, or Heaven. OLÓRUN is the OBA ÌRÀWÒ – King or Ruler of the Stars on the Universe, he rules all the bodies of LIGHT (Suns, Stars).

Note: As you can see, OLÓKUN rules the Dark Energy and OLÓRUN the Light Energy sources in the  Universe, like the two Poles, and OLÓFIN is NEUTRAL at the Center.  This is our HOLY TRINITY of  UNIVERSAL POWERS, that came out of the Nuetral Energy we call OLODUMARE.

OLÓFIN due to so much thinking, pondering and meditation, and because he was felling so lonely in the immensity of the emptiness of the "Void", OLÓFIN decided to create or emanated another creation, that is called OLÓFIN ÒRUN, that is the UNIVERSE as we know it. With OLÓFIN ÒRUN, were created the Galaxies, the Stars, the planets, and within them the many Earths, and this particular Planet Earth.

Note: Also many other Earths in the universe were created, following the know principle of "As Above so Bellow, as Here so There") , the same process of Creation replicates (or duplicates) a similar pattern of this creation with some particular peculiarities, big stars, small ones, red stars, blue stars, small planets, big planets, some planets with a certain type of gas combinations an another one with a different one, so creation in each place due to many factors is very peculiar to that place in the universe.

Baba ODÙDÚWÀ says that the deeper meaning of OLÓFIN is the Owner of the Secrets or Universal Principles. He says that is also related to the word Aláàfin means the inheritor of the Secrets, or Prince of Secrets.

IFÁ in a certain way has been since the Begining, IFÁ is the IRÚNMÒLE of TIME, IFÁ is the DEITY of TIME, there is always a lapse of Time, a cicle of Time involve in anything, we learn and adquire knowledge, undesrtanding and Wisdom through Time. The wprd IFÁ has different meanings, but one of them in this Esoteric Yoruba Teaching is the Deity of TIME, like later the Greek Deity KRONOS. Other meanings of IFÁ is the Tradition of Wisdom created as we know it by Orunmila. Ifá also is WISDOM of NATURE. When Orunmila consulted the Oracle of IFÁ (through Opele-Divination Chain or Ikin Ifá – The Sacred Palm Nuts), the Deity IFÁ spoke through the Oracle.

Also from OLÓFIN ÒRUN, came the IRÚNMÒLE ÈLÀ, then came  OLÓFIN ÈLÀ (or ÈLÀ), from ÈLÀ came the inspiration and the Wisdom of IFÁ, that manifest through the being of Òrúnmìlà or Òrúnmìlà Èlà, this is because he was an emantion of OLÓFIN ÈLÀ in  this planet. From Òrúnmìlà, we have his divine given wife called ODÙ or ÌYÁ ODÙ, that later came the ritual worship of ODÙ through the IGBÁ ODÙ and the IGBÁ IWA ODÙ. ODÙ is the GREAT ÌYÁÀMI ÀJÉ (Mother WITCH) she rules over the ÌYÁÀMI ÒShÒRÒNGÁ – The Conclave of Mother Witches and OShO – Wizards.
OLÓFIN ÈLÀ is the First Son of OLÓFIN, and is the Spirit of Purity and Wisdom of the  Universe, he spreads the Seed of IFÁ (Wisdom and Purity) all over the Universe.  Through the AWO IFÁ (Diviner of Ifá) works the Deity IFÁ and the Spirituality of OLÓFIN ÈLÀ. In the Esoteric Ifá Tradition that we are receiving from Baba Oduduwa, this two Spiritual Powers have their respective IGBÁ or Calabash of Power, there is the Initiation of IGBÁ ODÙ and Igba Iwa Odù and there is the Initiation of OLÓFIN ÈLÀ and his Sacred Igbá – Igbá Olófin Èlà.
Also from OLÓFIN ÈLÀ came other manifestations, one very famous one is Jesus (Yeshua) known in Baba Odùdúwà´s Esoteric Yoruba tradition as OLÓFIN ÁLÁ, the smallest son of OLÓFIN. Baba Odùdúwà reveals that he in his lost years, he traveled to the middle east, India, Tibet, Egypt, and he also went to the Yoruba land, he was marked as an son of Mérìndínlógún (16 Cowries), revealing that he is a son of OLÓFIN. Jesus or Yeshua was consecrated to IFA in Yoruba land, and he also received other initiations. Oduduwa revealed that his true name was was not YESHUA, YOSEF was the treu name and is the smallest Son of OLÓFIN. Oduduwa revealed that he was very Wrathful, not as people portraid him nowadays. All the Great Wisemen are manifestation of OLÓFIN ÈLÀ.

From OLÓFIN ÒRUN also came ORÍ, the ruler of Consciousness, ORÍ is our INNER ÒRÌShÀ, each person has one.

Also from OLÓFIN ÒRUN came ÒSÙN, the Divine Messenger of all that the Humans do on Earth, and he gives direct reports of all we do (good or bad) to OLÓFIN. This is why ÒSÙN is so important, and also that is why you have to be in Good terms with ÒSÙN. ÒSÙN is represented by a Cup with a Bird on top. ÒSÙN
 Should be placed on the ground, because he recieves the energies of anything negative that may come. The Spirit TATA “G” said that ORÍ is YOU, and that ORI is at the same Level as your ÒRÌShÀ ALAGBATORI (Your rulling Orisha)

OLÓFIN decides to create and give life to a special Being, this being is called OLÓSÍ (the owner of the Left side, or the other side, the side of Darkness, Evil path). OLÓSÍ was created immortal, powerful, beautiful, Omnipotent and perfect. OLÓSÍ was send to Earth, at that time the Earth was in Darkness, that was the Time of Great Darkness, there was a great ocean all over the planet, the planet was covered by dark clouds, and there were submarine volcanoes active, some were emerging to the surface of the waters, with lava flowing and becoming solid, forming new earth surface in different parts of the planet. The volcanic ash clouds spreading all over, the planet atmosphere was dark. OLÓSÍ started to deviate, to do crazy things, to pervert, he started to create Chaos, to create deformed creations like kind of demonic like beings, he started to create havoc through Electrical Storms, Thunder and Lighting.  OLÓSÍ was later known to the Hebrew Kabalist as SAMAEL, and is related to the character of LUCIFER or LUZBEL. The original one was OLOSI, from wich this teaching came and later other traditions inherited some of this teachings like the Hebrews thousands of years later.

OLÓFIN was fed up and lost his patience, and he tries to destroy OLÓSÍ through hitting him with electrical thunders over him, but he forgot that he created OLÓSÍ as an immortal creature, so he couldn't destroy him. OLÓFIN decides to control OLÓSÍ and he puts him in the underworld in the center of the planet. OLÓFIN made a pact with OLÓSÍ to keep away from Earth affairs and its creatures. Only every 12,000 years he can come out, thats close to a half of the Zodiacal Great Year or Platonic Year of 25,920 earth years. OLÓFIN puts some magical seals to keep OLÓSÍ away and controlled.

OLÓFIN learns from his mistake, and decides to make another creation, he decides its time to give Life to Earth, and make living creatures, but mortal ones. OLÓFIN creates the first mortal human being, that was OBÀTÁLÁ.
Note: Until this part the story will continue later with the Teaching of Baba Odùdúwà on this subject.

601  IRÚNMÒLE ÒRUN                                                                 
OLÓFIN creates the IRÚNMÒLE ÒRUN in the Universe, these 601 IRÚNMÒLE ÒRUN are Universal Powers, of these 200 are Mercyful on the Right Side, 200 are Severe on theLeft Side and 201 are Neutral Powers. Baba Odùdúwà says that what the Hebrew Torah and the Bible refer to as Angels and Archangels are the IRÚNMÒLE ÒRUN, these are divine creations. IKÚ – is one of this IRÚNMÒLE ÒRUN, or he is called the Angel of Death (Mal'akh haMavet in hebrew) in the westerns esoteric tradition. He doesn't have any Mercy, he comes to destroy life, to take away life from this Earth, and from any other place in the universe. Some of the IRÚNMÒLE ÒRUN create, other Irúnmòle destroys, and other sustains the creation. The IRÚNMÒLE ÒRUN is something that only Baba Odùdúwà and his emissaries have talk as far as I know.
The IRÚNMÒLE ÒRUN is no the same as IRÚNMÒLE, the IRÚNMÒLE ÒRUN are higher Universal Powers or Energies in the Universe above the lower 601 IRÚNMÒLE, who have the same distribuition:  200 are Mercyful on the Right Side, 200 are Severe on theLeft Side and 201 are Neutral Powers.

200 are Mercyful on the Right Side, 200 are Severe on theLeft Side and 201 are Neutral Powers.
IRÚNMÒLE and ÒRÌShÀ IRÚNMÒLE is the Energy (or Archetypical Essence) that gives rise to the ÒRÌShÀ in this Solar System, and in other Star systems in the Universe. The IRÚNMÒLE makes that the rise of the ÒRÌShÀ repeats itself in all parts of the Universe, manifesting the same type of ÒRÌShÀ in different parts of the universe. Example, The IRÚNMÒLE OBÀTÁLÁ gives rise to the ÒRÌShÀ OBÀTÁLÁ in this Solar System, the same can happen in the nearest Star or Solar system close to this one we live and in all Star Systems. That's why the ÒRÌShÀ phenomena can happen all over the Universe, with certain peculiarities for all the different places in the Universe. The same happens with the other 401 IRÚNMÒLE that becomes the 401 ÒRÌShÀ.
There are two divisions in the 601 IRÚNMÒLE:
200 IRÚNMÒLE of the Right, the 200 SEVERE and WRATHFUL IRÚNMÒLE
They manifest the 200 Severe and Warrior type of ÒRÌShÀ in all Solar Systems in the Universe, the ÒRÌShÀ FUNFUN (White ÒRÌShÀ).
Examples: Èsú, Ògún, Òsóòsì
200 IRÚNMÒLE of the Left, the 200 PEACEFUL and WISE IRÚNMÒLE
They manifest the 200 Peaceful and Wise type ÒRÌShÀ in all Solar Systems in the Universe, the ÒRÌShÀ PUPA (Red ÒRÌShÀ)
Examples: Obàtálá, Òsányìn
Also Baba Odùdúwà said there are 201 other IRÚNMÒLE that are kind of Neutral Power, for a total of 601 IRÚNMÒLE. That is something he hasn't talk to much about it.

ESHU (ÈSÚ) is the Divine Severe Enforcer of the Universal Law, in the Teaching of Baba Odùdúwà, he gave the real meaning of ÈSÚ as the "The Consciousness of the Spirit of Nature", he says that ÈShÚ has infinite manifestations or Paths (ÒNÀ ÈShÚ) in the Universe, he also said that there is a different ÈShÚ in every Star (Sun) of the Universe, he is the Divine Enforcer in that area. He said there is ÈShÚ INÁ, ÈShÚ ÌRÀWÒ, ÈShÚ OKUN, ÈShÚ ODÒ, ÈShÚ OMI, etc…

Baba Odùdúwà says that Olókun controls the deepness of the space of the universe, the darkness of space, that why these are part of his colors, black.
From Olokún, two aspects manifested,

A) ÌRÀWÒ OLÓKUN (The Star of OLÓKUN, also there is ÌRAWO OLÓKUN, that is the Planet of OLÓKUN who is called now NEPTUNE.

OLÓKUN AYÉ is the Olókun the manifest in this World; Baba Oduduwa revealed that around 50,000 years ago, OLÓKUN manifested an emanation in this panet Earth, this was OLÓKUN AYÉ, manifested as a MAN with BLUE SKIN, and he walked like a living GOD over the surface of the Earth, later he decided to go to dwell at the bottom of the ocean. O has Seven Manifestations, that's why in the Ifá tradition of Baba Odùdúwà's Lineage they have Seven Igbá Awo Olókun, one for each of these seven aspects of Olókun. We have to ask Baba more on this subject. OLÓKUN AYÉ controls the Oceans in this planet. Connected with Olókun Ayé and with ÌRÀWÒLÓKUN is OLÓSÀ, who is the Apètèbí (slave or servant) of Olókun. Baba Odùdúwà says that OLÓKUN is a very Severe Divine Being, that's why his Rituals have to be done with a lot of deep respect, that's why in his rituals, if Olókun gets offended or angry he can take away a life of someone.
AGANA ERI: She is one of the Seven Daughters of OLÓKUN, the so called Olokun of the ÒÒShÀ traditión is in reality Agana Eri. She tried to destroy humans, so she was tied at the bottom of the ocean. 

From OLÓFIN came OLÓFIN AYÉ, which manifested in this World as BABA ODÙDÚWÀ, who was the PATRIARCH and BABA (Father) of the Yoruba people and the Yoruba Spiritual tradition of ÒÒSHÁ (ÒRÌShÀ Tradiction). ODÙDÚWÀ was a son of Mérìndínlógún (16 Cowries) in the Oracle Ceremony, revealing that he was a direct son of OLÓFIN. ODÙDÚWÀ and the 16 Wise Kings who came from the east founded the Yoruba culture; they established 16 kingdoms, one for each of the kings, who Baba ODÙDÚWÀ says that were 16 OBÀTÁLÁ. Baba ODÙDÚWÀ says that the true period of time that that happened was 20,000 years ago, when also ancient Egyptian civilization was beginning. BABA ODÙDÚWÀ title as OLÓFIN AYÉ, means the Owner of the Secrets of this World. The  OLÓFIN AYÉ is the One who JUDGE the SOULS after Dead. There are many OLÓFIN AYÉ in different parts of the Galaxy and the Universe.

401 ÒRIShÀ
There is what is called in Baba Odùdúwà's teaching as OKÀN IRÚNMÒLE, that gives rise to the OKÀN ÒRÌShÀ, in his teaching this is the position of IRÚNMÒLE OSHUN, that gives rise to the ÒRÌShÀ OSHUN in the Universe.
The Original ÒShUN on Earth was ÒShUN IBU KOLE, the one who saved the Humanity, she was an Ìyáàmi Àjé, a Great and Powerful Witch, who had the true magical power to transform into any animal or bird she wanted to. This is something that Baba Odùdúwà said that only ÒShUN had that type of knowledge and power. She used to transform into a Vulture. Baba Odùdúwà says she was the last one to become an ÒRÌShÀ, she became the 401 ÒRÌShÀ.
He says that Olófin decree to have only 400 ÒRÌShÀ, Baba Odùdúwà explained how the human became an ÒRÌShÀ, but that's part of another related teaching that will cover later. He says that the first human to become an ÒRÌShÀ 20,000 years ago was Ògún, and the las Yemoyale was the 399 Orisha, and Oya the 400th one, and later OShUN was added by OLÓFIN.
The Living Humans and the Death ones:

The ÈNÌÀ is the Living Human Being. When they die, they become the IKÚ (the Dead Ones). In Baba Odùdúwà teaching he said the term EGÚNGÚN refers to the spirit of dead blood Ancestors, and the term of ÉGÚN is used to refer to a Spirit Guide, a spirit that has wisdom and can serve as a spiritual guide to a living human being.

The Living Human Being and the Dead (ÉGÚN, ÉGÚNGÚN) can become an ÒRÌShÀ. Only 401 Souls can become an ÒRÌShÀ in a long period of time, the last group of 401 ÒRÌShÀ was set around 20,000 years ago, as explained by Baba Odùdúwà. He said that in this new period of time another group of 401 Human Souls (Living or Dead) who had the real SODO ÒRÌShÀ Ceremony (the ÒRÌShÀ Crowning) and the Secret ÒRÌShÀ Symbol (or magical seal) scratch over the head area, that makes the person an ÒRÌShÀ, an Open Consciousness to the Divine. He said that in the ÒRÌShÀ Tradition there are 401 Magical Sigils o Symbols, plus 200 more, a total of 601. Baba Odùdúwà said that all the 401 ÒRÌShÀ will be known now in his Lineage, he will reestablish there secrets again for this new times. He said he will teach the long Praise to the 401 ÒRÌShÀ.
He has given the secret ÒRÌShÀ Sigil or symbol for the SODO ÒRÌShÀ Ceremonies that we have done in ÈGBÈ ÓDÙN OLÓFIN. We have done SODO ÒRÌShÀ Initiations fallowing Baba Odùdúwà's instruction on how to perform the Ceremony and with the Scratched Symbol of the ÒRÌShÀ on the head of the new Iyawo (female new initiate) or Akaponi or Kapon (male new initiate).
There are many teachings that Baba Odùdúwà has given, the true stories he knows of each of the 401 ÒRÌShÀ, the secrets of each of them and there ceremonies, the secrets of the herbs for healing all kinds of sickness, the secrets of the Oracle of 16 Cowries and the sacred stories and teachings for each of the 256 Odù or Ódùn of the ÒRÌShÀ Tradition (Òòsà Tradition, the Legacy of Baba Odùdúwà)
Here is a link to a large English Image of the Tree of Creation of the Yoruba Genesis Copy and paste:

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